Ideal houseplants for the home desk

Ideal houseplants for the home desk

1) Baby toes

The world of succulents is a vast and unique one, ranging from: small, large, hard, soft and with a variety of colours. One of the more unusual varieties would have to be fenestraria, commonly known as baby toes due to its stubby, tube-shaped foliage. Despite its slow growth and small stature, this plants quirky appearance makes it a popular option for many plant lovers.

Whilst they are relatively easy to take care of, It's important to know the correct care requirements for them to remain healthy.

 Care guide:

 -Bright, indirect light

 -Allow the soil to dry between waterings and then water deeply until the water streams out of the drainage holes

 -Use succulent/cactus soil mix to ensure your baby toes gets appropriate drainage

2) String of turtles

This little houseplant is a cute Brazilian native that thrives in most household environments. As they take around 3-5 years to reach full maturity, they're a great option for houseplant lovers with limited space. 

Care guide:

-Bright, indirect light

-Use soil mix rich in peat

-Apply 'soak and dry' watering method 

-Feed with a houseplant fertiliser biweekly during growing season

3) Bunny ear cactus

Despite its name, the bunny ear cactus is in no way cuddly. A great option for beginners due to its low maintenance nature, as the prickly desert dweller can go without water for extended periods of time. Flowering begins in late spring and by early summer you could be gifted with 2 inch wide creamy yellow blooms.

Care guide:

  - Place in a spot with at least 14 hours of light per day (ideally direct light). In the winter, move your bunny ear to a space with only partial light

 - Apply 'soak and dry' method during spring and summer months

 -No need to water during the winter months 

 -Repot every one to two years as the roots outgrow the pot (just before growing season)

- Plant in cactus/succulent soil mix to ensure your cactus get proper drainage, as oversaturated soil could result in root rot.


4) Peperomia napoli nights

The napoli nights is the stylish member of the peperomia family with its stunning silver foliage. As its a slow growing houseplant, its small size makes it the perfect candidate for your home desk, as long as it receives enough bright,indirect light and its kept away from droughts.

Care guide:

 -Medium to bright indirect light

 -As a semi-succulent, this plant doesn't like to be oversaturated, so make sure to wait until the top two inches of soil are dry before watering again.

 -A regular houseplant soil mix with the addition of perlite (improves drainage) should work really well for this type of plant.

 -Feed it with a regular fertiliser during growing season for faster plant growth (Once per month)

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