How to grow and care for string of hearts

How to grow and care for string of hearts

The string of hearts is a popular semi-succulent that is native to south africa and zimbabawe. With its trailing heart-shaped and variegated leaves, this houseplant has stolen the hearts of many plant lovers (no pun intended). It's stems can reach about 3 to 8 feet long, so try to find somewhere high to hang it, so you can watch it's delicate foliage cascade down the planter like a waterfall.

Care guide:

1) Light and temperature

Place next to a window with bright, indirect light (ideally south or west facing) and remember to rotate the plant from time to time. This is to ensure all of the plant's foliage gets a balanced amount of sunlight and has an even colour. The string of hearts can be grown indoors or outdoors in warmer climates and will continue to grow all year round. In colder climates, it's best to grow indoors as it isn't particularly tolerant of low temperatures.

2) Water

As it's a semi-succulent, it can be more sucetable to root rot, so it's best to apply the soak and dry method (around once a week). This means giving the plant a good soak of water and then waiting until the first few inches of soil are dry before watering again. During the colder months, it will go dormant, which means cutting back to watering to around 3-4 weeks or whenever the top layer of soil is beginning to feel dry.

3) Fertiliser

Feed once per month during the active growing season in April-September. You won't need to worry about fertilising during winter, as this is their dormant period.

4) Humidity

The string of hearts doesn't need a lot of humidity to thrive, which means the normal household level should be absolutely fine (around 40-50%).


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