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Bergs potter Elizabeth pot - 16cm

Bergs potter Elizabeth pot - 16cm

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The Elizabeth flower pot from Bergs Potter is an elegant planter adorned with a gorgeous inlaid pattern. Its stylized design gives it a modern touch while letting the natural form and figure of the planter evoke a majestic expression in the surrounding space. Queen Elizabeth sat on the throne for over half a century and this pot is a tribute to her and to all the other women who — each day and in their own way — are the reigning queens of their own lives.

The elegant relief pattern symbolizes an upside-down crown to further accentuate the planter’s gallant pose. Lovingly crafted in Tuscany, this quality clay pot features drainage holes to give roots room to breathe and the superior clay surface holds in all the moisture your plants need to thrive.

Diameter: 16cm

Packaging: 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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